Hello Everyone!

Today is an exciting day, as  today marks 4 months since my FUT hair transplant procedure with Dr. Huebner at Natural transplants. I am excited because I can confidently say that real progress is starting to be made and new hairs are starting to grow! It’s typically common for transplanted hairs to remain dormant for about 4 month before they begin to sprout, so the first 3 months are essentially spent waiting. Almost like clockwork, I began seeing a drastic increase in growth during that 4th month. It’s not much yet, but it’s just the beginning, and now that I’ve turned the corner I think I’ll start to see significant progress each month!

My hairline is actually beginning to take shape and the crown is filling in as well. The hairs are a bit fine and wispy, but that is to be expected in the beginning. Over time more hairs will sprout, thicken up, and fill in the gaps.

The scar is still healing nicely and, until I got a haircut yesterday, was completely unnoticeable. Admittedly, the hair dresser cut the back a little too short for my liking. It’s not entirely noticeable but there is a crease line that runs the back of my head right now. I expect that will be gone in a week after my hair grows a bit. I am interested to see how short I can buzz the back and sides as my scar continues to heal.

My only concern at 4 months is that I am still noticing a considerable amount of shedding of my non-transplanted hair. Every time I shampoo or apply minoxidil, it seems like I’m finding 10-20 hairs on my hands. My scalp is still adjusting to the new hairs and it could be that the follicles are battling for blood supply. This is something I will be keeping an eye on over the coming months.

Anyway, that’s all I have for this month. I am exciting to finally start seeing some progress and even more exciting for what’s to come. Be sure to check back in, I believe each month will show significant progress from here on out!