Hello Everyone,

We are now 4 months into using the iRestore laser therapy system!

So far the I would say things are going as expected. Nothing noticeable as far as growth and density, however I have noticed a decrease in shedding. Based on the information they provide, this is all I should expect around the 4 month mark.

Any expected growth and density improvement should come around the 5-6 month mark. So the next two months should indicate how well this treatment is working for me. I’m excited and optimistic for whats to come!

Something new! I ended up getting those iRestore gummies that I mentioned in my last post. I’ve been taking them everyday and they are absolutely delicious. I have a terrible sweet tooth so I actually look forward to eating these things everyday.


Here are some of the active ingredients:


Additional Benefits

  1. Improves hair health and density
  2. Promotes thicker, fuller hair and healthier skin and nails
  3. No negative side effects
  4. Gluten-free
  5. Made with premium ingredients
  6. 90-day Money Back Guarantee – you’ll love the taste or your money back

I love these things and I am most definitely going to continue using them. A biotin supplement is really the only thing I want to take orally, so this is perfect for me.

Also, if you want to try iRestore out for yourself, just go the the link here and you can get $150 OFF your order using the code:


Full Disclosure:  I do get a small commission for any product bought using that code. I don’t anticipate much, nor is that why I am doing this blog, but I always want to be transparent here so I feel better letting you guys know.

Anyway, that’s all for this month! Check back in at 5 months to see what progress I’m making!