Hey Everyone,

I apologize for the delay! I just returned from vacation and haven’t fully gotten back into the groove yet.

I’ll keep this one short and sweet. It’s been 7 months since I started using the iRestore laser therapy system and here’s how we’re looking:

I hate to be redundant, but I’m going to repeat what I’ve been saying the for past few months. There doesn’t appear to be much of a visible enhancement in regards to  growth or density, but I can say with confidence that my hair loss has definitely subsided to some degree. Judging by the pictures, I don’t appear to have gotten thinner since starting with the iRestore. I also notice a considerable decline in the amount of shedding I experience. This is noticed (or not noticed rather) when washing or combing my hair, as well as when I’m applying my minoxidil.

For me, this is great! If you’re looking to fight hair loss in any capacity, stopping it from progressing should always be your first step. Using the iRestore has helped me do that.

I’m also still happily using the iRestore shampoo, which I’ve talked about it’s benefits in previous posts. Along with the shampoo I’m taking the delicious gummy vitamins that they offer as well. In conjunction with my other preventative treatments, I believe the aggregation of everything is really contributing towards preventing further hair loss.  

If you’re interested in trying the iRestore yourself, you can get a great discount ($150 off) by clicking the link here using the code:


That’s it for this month. Thanks for checking in guys! If you have any questions, always feel free to drop them in the comments bellow.