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My Hair Loss Story

I started noticing changes in my hair when I was 19. It wasn’t falling out but it began feeling noticeably thinner. At that point I did what any 19 year old terrified of losing his hair would do, went out and bought some magical shampoo (head and shoulders) that would hopefully solve all my problems. It seemed to temporarily do the trick.

My hair would continue to the thin and by the time I was 21 my hairline was starting to recede as well. I have an older brother who also experienced hair loss at an unfairly young age. By this time his had progressed far worse than mine so, the writing was on the wall for what lie ahead for me.  I began using 5% minoxidil foam (Rogaine or generic CVS brand) mainly on the hair line, since that was what I was most concerned about, and some on the crown as well. I still maintain a daily minoxidil regimen today.

The minoxidil controlled my hair loss and slowed it down until I was about 23. Entering my final semester if college I proceeded to go through my worst hair loss phase to this point. I don’t know if it was the stress of schoolwork or the excessive consumption of alcohol but it seemed to take a toll on my hair. It was the thinnest it had ever been and my receding hairline was starting to cave inward. Not fun for a 23 year old.

I had been aware of hair transplants for a while and I knew it was something I wanted to do eventually, I just wasn’t sure when. Over the next year I was far more strict about my minoxidil routine and my hair loss slowed to a controlled state. I also began looking into the hair transplant field more extensively. I researched doctors from all over and read dozens of patient testimonials. I’ve watched more YouTube videos than anyone ever should. Needless to say I had done my homework, and I can’t stress enough how important it is to do your homework. If you’re reading this blog then hopefully that’s exactly what you’re doing.

Eventually I came across Lance’s blog and watched all of his videos. I was impressed with the work that his doctor, Dr. Matthew Huebner, did on him in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. I was also impressed with the amount of effort that Lance put into his blog, so I was confident that he also did his homework and chose Dr. Huebner justifiably so. After a bit more research, I found out that Dr. Huebner had previously been trained and worked under another well known doctor that I had been considering, Dr. Brett Bolton.

As I became more serious about perusing a hair transplant I met with a few local doctors in the New England area for consultations. They did good work but I just wasn’t seeing the type of results that Dr. Huebner was producing. I decided to reach out to Dr. Huebner’s practice, Natural Transplants, and basically tell them the same story that I’ve outlined here. His patient advisor Jerry Matos promptly got back to me and answered every question I threw at him. After a few weeks of deliberation I finally made the arraignments and booked my procedure with Dr. Huebner for May 12, 2016.

The rest of this blog will aim to highlight my experience and share my progress.

UPDATE! (12/8/2017)

In an effort to further preserve and strengthen my native hair while trying to regrow new hair, I’m now embarking on a new journey with Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)! I’ll  be using the iRestore laser helmet for the next 6-12 months to try to combat further hair loss and stimulate new hair growth. Follow my progress for more information and to see my results!



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