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A Hair Transplant Blog


And welcome to my hair restoration blog!

The purpose of this blog is to share my hair restoration experience and hopefully provide a source of education and encouragement for anyone interested in a hair transplant or alternative methods of hair restoration. My goal is to make it as concise and straight to the point as possible. I will simply tell my hair loss story and share my progress along the way. Additionally, I will try to provide some basic tips and information that I learned throughout the process.

Why Start a Hair Restoration Blog?

Honestly, I’m asking myself the same thing. However, throughout my research I countlessly benefited from others sharing their stories and experiences. Having gone through the process I felt like I wanted to pay it forward and share mine. If someone can benefit from my account then that’s good enough for me.

More Info

If you would like a more extensive and in depth account, please check out my friend Lance’s website:

Lance shares his hair transplant experience and provides copious amounts of information on his site. If you you’re curious or have a question, chances are it’s answered somewhere on there. Lance was a huge help for me throughout this process so, seriously, check it out!

Also check out Richard’s blog at

Richard had a procedure done with Dr. Huebner back in August 2016 and is doing a fantastic job documenting his progress as well.